List of Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Japan

Complete list of embassies, consulates and International Organizations in Japan - by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Some of the more active Chambers of Commerce:
American Chamber of Commerce
Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
British Chamber of Commerce
Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Danish Chamber of Commerce
European Chamber of Commerce
Finnish Chamber of Commerce
German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Italian Chamber of Commerce
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan
Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

NETWORKING - Online & Offline
An interactive calendar of community and networking events in Japan. Also has a comprehensive list of groups and associations that hold community and networking events
Information on meetings of various interest groups, from cooking classes to English workshops to IT discussion groups. Choose “Japan” and your closest “City” to find groups of your interest

Vital Japan
Bilingual professional network in Tokyo that organizes monthly offline seminar, English class and online community

Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo
Holds monthly seminars featuring presentations by top entrepreneurs in Japan. Seminars are attended by a mix of Japanese and non-Japanese participants with diverse backgrounds, from established entrepreneurs, to aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, and students

The Japan African American Friendship Association (JAFA) Tokyo
A citizens' group with chapters located in both Tokyo and Osaka. JAFA mainly promotes educational and cultural exchange activities, but also business activities between Japanese and African-American

A social network service (SNS) for business and job information exchange. Over 45M users worldwide

A social network service (SNS) for business professionals that has 8M users worldwide. Particularly strong in Germany & China

Sites for Company Research



Bilingual Job Sites

Career Cross
Japan Times