Resume Writing - Overview



WHO are your customers?
WHAT do they need, want?
HOW to present yourself in the best light, matching their needs?

Important Points

head_img FOCUS

Use one resume to target one kind of job.
You could have experience and skills for both an Accounting Manager and an ERP implementation manager. Focus one resume on one kind of job only.

Highlight the most relevant information, mention the related ones, and de-emphasize or even leave out the unrelated ones.
It is tempting to put in all experiences and skills you have, but this will most likely confuse and discourage your readers

head_img Resume that SELLS vs Job Description

If you only list the tasks you have done in a job, your resume will surely look like a job description.
Hiring managers are interested in Achievements - how much money you have made or saved, how well you have managed and maintained relationships, how you solved problems, etc.
You need to Quantify & Qualify

head_img A little DESIGN

This is almost never utilized but probably the easiest way to make your resume stand out from a file of applications.
A little design will catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers who may read hundreds if not thousands of resume.
Please see Samples on how easily this can be done

   Basic Resume with step-by-step guide in template and samples