1st Step to Job Search - Decide on Job Target & Approach Targets Systematically

First and foremost, you need to know what opportunities you are targeting. Then develop a systematic strategy to approach them.

・What kind of position do you want? Assess yourself
(ie, enjoyed doing and did well, interests, values, vision, likes & dislikes)

・What kind of company do you want to work for?
(ie, geographic location, industry, company size, other elements that are important to you)

・Develop a list of organizations in your target area.
Looking thru the membership directories of foreign countries’ Chambers of Commerce is a good start to locate gaishikei companies in Japan and Japanese companies interested in international business

・Keep a log of all contacts, actions, and information you have with your target companies.
Job search could always be a process as long as several months to a year. The log will keep all your efforts on track and provide easy access when you want to follow-up.
It could be a simple Excel file with few columns as following:


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