転職に関する基本的な提案を ei² Career Support のメインページに「外資系転職アドバイス」として掲載しています。このブログではもう一歩踏み込んだ内容をお届けしたいと思っています。

仕事探しの第一歩 – 目標設定
募集広告 vs 未公開求人
レジュメ – 概要
レジュメ – 基礎
カバーレター – 概要
カバーレター – 基礎
面接 – 概要
面接 – 基礎


Welcome to Gaishikei Tenshoku Insider Blog

Having insider perspectives in recruitment for foreign companies in Japan, we hope to share some insights and techniques that may help your career advancement. We also welcome your sharing of insights and information.

We have given some basic suggestions on some basic job search techniques at the advice pages from ei² Career Support‘s main page. We hope to discuss further in detail in this blog. While some the info here are quite Japan specific, you should find most of the information applicable to job search anywhere in the world.

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